Thursday, January 14, 2010


Drove down to SB today with Pat & Thor (a regal british bulldog) and unloaded everything at my parents. I've gotten rid of my SF apartment and stashed everything but a couple bags of clothes in Pat's garage in the Sunset in anticipation of a return to SF eventually. It's definitely weird to leave SF after calling it my home since 2006 but at the moment I'm still planning on moving back.

Dinner with the parents and a couple drinks downtown with Pat and Jake (both coming with me abroad) and then home to figure out the long list of crap I have to accomplish tomorrow before we leave on Saturday from LAX.

All pretty boring stuff, but there's more to take care of before you leave for 3 months than one might think. Tax extension, haircut, travel notification to B of A, hold on my cell phone, hold on my gym, new sunglasses, procuring "sleep" aids for the plane, travel insurance (which one might need if one is so inclined to participate, willingly or unwillingly, in some aggressive activities, which has been the case so far in life).

Also, there will be a fair amount of scuba diving in Thailand, Indonesia, & Australia so it pays to be insured in my opinion. Anyway, lots to take care of tomorrow before dinner and lots of drinks with all the boys in SB.

Bring on the East

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  1. Will this be the last we will see of the White Prophet? Will he be able to come out the other side, or will he be cought up somewhere in between this end and the other? In a new life, with a Thai family, or in a third world prison, or worse?
    Only time will tell. If he does emerge into our lives again, at least we will be certain the Prophet will have seen and learned things, things that would turn you white!

    The Duke (Google knows me as Anthony Soprano)