Monday, January 25, 2010


After a couple days in Bangkok, everyone was prett eager to get to the water in the south. We hopped a quick flight to Phuket (no corkage fee for the beers we drank in the airport restaurant). Taxi to Rawai, the southern tip of Phuket island, where Jake has a buddy from college named Davis. After chcking out his spot, we grabbing a taxi to find lodging for us (they aren't marked here, just some guy who pulls over in a random car, negotiate pricing, and off you go) we had dinner along the water, sitting on cushions on the ground at a low table.

Food was excellent, fried shrimp & whole baked white snapper where highlights. Then to the bar. The waitresses and bartenders (all thai girls) were waaaaaaaaaay too good at the assorted bar games (connect 4, Jenga, etc) and even at the super crappy pool table with the smallest pockets I've ever seen. These girls will call their Connect 4 win 3-4 moves ahead of time and no matter what you do they always win.

Connect 4 also not the best game to play against each other for shots of weird Tequila as they only last about 5 mins and after an hour you're fairly hammered.
Place just bumped popular US hip hop (which is fairly consistent of every other place I've been in the world) so Pat got his fix of Akon he so desperately needed and Shawn almost lost it to Lady GaGa. The only exception was the "Welcome to Thailand" song and dance that thai girls perform when they meet visitors to their country.

To sum it up, 5 hours of extreme boozing, games, dancing, & Jake feeling it necessary to ring the bar bell that buys everyone in the place a drink. Took me back to the SB Yacht Club......"He who rings the bell in jest, buys a drink for all the rest". A 9,400 Baht ($270) is pretty ridiculous for Thailand but well worth it.

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