Monday, January 25, 2010

Koh Pi Pi

7:45am - Woken up by Josh knocking on the door and informing me our taxi is here to take us to the ferry to the island of Koh Pi Pi. Felt as if I'd slept for about 20 mins but within 10 we we're all in the "taxi" a pickup truck that has a roll cage & cover over the bed with bench seating. We speed to try and catch the ferry that leaves in 30 mins.

Thailand, the nation of innovation that it is, has managed to turn a 2 lane road into 3 by ingeniously devising the "middle lane". Slower traffic in both lanes move to the outside of their respective sides while the space in the middle is used for aggressive passing from both directions. They've also broken the record for number of people you can fit on a scooter (5). We make the ferry to Koh Pi Pi and post up on the front to catch the views during the next 2 hours.

On the way, you feel like you're in Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon going to Han's tournament. Huge formations of limestone jutting straight out of the water covered in vegetation with sheer cliffs like a Mortal Combat movie or something. Koh Pi Pi is a picturesque island with sloping cliffs and a beach full of Thai long boats.

As soon as you hit the dock, if you didn't realize it on the boat, you're surrounded by tourists getting hammered and wandering around. After some rough room searching (its hot as hell & we're hungover) we score a super nice spot with two rooms and Josh takes a diff spot a little ways off. "Nice" means a smallish room with two twin beds, cable tv, decent bathroom, & good AC. In this toursity island, this runs about 2,000 Baht or $60 split two ways. Another interesting thing about Thailand is that in all the bathrooms the shower is not separated at all from the toilet or sink. There is no partition, curtain, or anything like that...just the sink, toilet, & shower all right next to each other which means Pat can fulfill his dream of showering on the toilet at last!

Dinner at Josh's favorite Thai spot (he was a dive master here for 3 months a year ago) excellent curry, soup, & fried shrimps.....Pat "I'm gonna order 3 more of these plates......who's gonna stop me?!!! You?!! You?!!"

We left a little abruptly as the cook set something in the kitchen on fire and it felt as if you'd been hit with pepper spray (Thai chilis are no joke). Bar hopping for a few hours finally ending up at a roof top near our place called Banana Bar. Picture Cabo Spring Break....beers, dancing, glo paint, & "buckets" which are quite literally buckets filled with 6-7 mixed drinks & cost about $8. Also, a short Thai guy walking around with a huge beer bong, ladder, & a bunch of beers. We declined (who knows where that thing had been) but definitely watched some people get torn up by it and Shawn caught some foam sharpnel in the chest.

Eventually ended up at the beach around 3am where the party was still going very strong and people were pissing and puking in the water and just passed out on the sand.....goddamn Aussies. Make it to bed by 4am, which is crucial as we have to be at the dive shop by 7:30am, haha. Welcoms to Koh Pi Pi

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