Thursday, March 18, 2010

Constantly Asia

Couple things I've noticed during the last few months that are present in every country and city I visit.

Hammering - yes that's right, everywhere I've stayed there is some sort of hammering going on throughout the day/night. It's like the this entire part of the world just discovered their dad's tool box and are convinced that everything can be built/fixed with a hammer

711 - omnipresent, these green bastions of familiarity & comfort are even more prevelant than in LA.

Soccer - at least 2-3 channels in every place that we've stayed (that had a tv) are devoted to soccer 24 hours/day. I'm definitely a fan of the "beautiful game" and being able to watch Premier league at all times is most entertaining, but local Filipino teams floundering around on a brown field might not need to be televised.

Akon - yep, he's worldwide

Where have all the trash cans gone? - I really don't know but they've hidden them somewhere. With trash strewn about in many countries in SE Asia, you'd think a simple answer would be get some trash cans, but then I guess you'd have to figure out how to collect the trash, etc and municipal services are not this part of the world's strongest attribute.

Some random observations....

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